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A Virgin America Flight Attendant Is Actually Doing the Dance Routine From the Viral Safety Video

Virgin America Safety Video Virgin America/YouTube

Not many fliers pay attention to the in-flight safety presentation. Even fewer do now that you don't have to turn off all personal electronics and can just listen to music from takeoff to touch down. 

So Virgin America did something different. Remember their song and dance safety video that went viral last year? With the rapping robot and the texting nun? Watch it again:

"The most important aspect of any safety video is that people actually pay attention to it. Too often the dry, perfunctory safety messaging used in the past was tuned out," director Jon Chu explained at the time.

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Well, then this should force even more people pay attention: At least one Virgin America flight attendant is performing the entire routine in flight. The entire routine: The booty popping and the shimmying and the high kicks are all there. This man is doing a jumping splits in an airplane.

(They'll be forced to pay attention to something at least. We're not sure how many people will focus on the actual safety rules instead of the man running up and down the aisles. Which, we hate to be that person, but seems kind of unsafe in itself.)

Michael Tongko is the flight attendant and, seeing as this video was taken earlier this year and the original ad went viral in October, he likely has been doing this for months now.

Hey, whatever it takes to get you through the workday.

(H/T Jezebel)

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