We're getting a revealing look inside Prince Harry's South Pole trek.

In a preview for the upcoming ITV documentary Harry's South Pole Heroes, which chronicles the 29-year-old royal's Antarctica charity race with Walking With the Wounded, Harry admits he was scared about making the 200-mile journey in sub-zero temperatures.

"I'm terrified for myself, to be honest—hugely daunted," Harry said. "I don't want to let the side down through fitness or injuries or anything like that. There's a lot of pressure on everybody involved, so I've just got to get it right...It's not just about fitness, it's about knowing exactly what you can and can't do."

Prince Harry

WWTW via Getty Images

"For me, it's bigger than just these guys," Harry said of his teammates, many of whom are injured servicemen. "We're trying to raise money but also to raise awareness for the fact that the injuries they've sustained they're going to carry for the rest of their lives."

Prince William's little bro also took a moment to enjoy the Arctic beauty of the barren and freezing continent.

"Just look how cool it is," Harry said. "It's amazing. It's ridiculous that a place like this should exist. One of the few places on earth that hasn't been screwed up by humans."

Harry's documentary premiere this Sunday on ITV!

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