9111, Cat

Courtesy of owner Lee Palmer

This is what happens when you let cats think they're the boss of the house.

Lee Palmer from Portland called 911 on Sunday night, claiming their cat Lux had forced the family of three (plus the dog, so family of four) to barricade themselves in the bedroom after the cat went rogue.

After the giant cat (we're talking 22 pounds) attacked and scratched their seven-month-old son, the father "kicked the cat in the rear," which sent him "over the edge," according to what Palmer told the 911 dispatcher. The man then took his family into the bedroom to escape the cat.

"He's trying to attack us, he's very hostile. He's at our door; he's charging us," he says in the call.

The Oregonian has audio of the 911 call if you want to hear it. And yes, the cat does sound pretty mad about being kept out of the bedroom.

Palmer said he tried to call animal control to help with the cat, but when they couldn't get through they called 911. Portland police arrived on the scene shortly after and saw the cat run into the kitchen and jump up on top of the refrigerator. The cops managed to trap the cat with a dog snare and put him in a carrier. Everyone, including Lux, escaped the situation unharmed.

"We are debating what to do," Palmer told The Oregonian on Monday after the ordeal. "We definitely want to keep [the cat] away from the baby and keep an eye on his behavior. I swear I have never seen anything like it."

Palmer also says on the 911 call that the Himalayan "has a history of violence."

"It's only funny when it's not happening to you," Lee's wife Teresa Barker said to Fox's Portland affiliate. "When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing."

You can check out the news report on the incident below:


(H/T Gawker)

What do you guys think? Overreaction to a cat attack? Or was the family actually in danger? And is anyone surprised that the cat went nuts after the owner kicked him? Or was Lee Palmer just protecting his baby? Cat debate…go!

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