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High School Musical: Our Definitive Ranking of All the Songs

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Zac Efron, High School Musical
Zac Efron, High School Musical

Zac Efron is open to more High School Musical movies, and we are just beside ourselves. We don't know if we want that to happen or not (we have a lot of feelings to sort through), but we do know one thing…

It's time to rank the High School Musical songs. All of them.

We're talking about just the songs that are in the movies, not the extras they released on soundtracks or the ones that feature some of the actors in a recording booth while scenes from the movie play over the song. Looking your way, "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" from the first High School Musical! You are not on this list.

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Now we know some of our rankings will spark a mad debate and we predict that our pick for No. 1 will be met with outrage and a cry for our resignation. But we stand by our decisions!  

Here it is. Our official ranking of every High School Musical song:

31. "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a"
It wasn't even good enough to be in the original film. They stuck it in the extended edition.

30. "When There Was Me and You"  
Get it together, Gabby! You're putting us to sleep here. Go get your man!

29. "Bop to the Top"  
This was supposed to be the performance that scared us into thinking Ryan and Sharpay were unstoppable? Nope. Catchy, but nope.

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28. "What I've Been Looking For" (Sharpay and Ryan)
But they're brother and sister?

27. "Just Wanna Be with You"
High School Musical 3 has a pretty flawless soundtrack, save for his dud. The song kind of picks up steam when they perform it in the musical but still. Meh.

26. "Everyday"
As far as finale songs go, this one was a slow let down.

25. "You Are the Music in Me" (Sharpay version)
This song is more funny than anything because Troy is so uncomfortable throughout the whole performance.

24. "Walk Away"
Not as good as another number Gabriella does about going her own way.

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23. "What I've Been Looking For" (Troy and Gabriella)
Well, the chemistry is there between Troy and Gabby. And yes, it's supposed to be a sweet, quiet moment. But it's almost too quiet.

22. "Work It Out"
This would be catchy-but-forgettable if it weren't for the kitchen instruments.

 21. "All for One"
We needed a HSM 2 pick-me-up after "Everyday," and this song delivered.

20. "Fabulous"
If Sharpay is anything, she's fabulous. "Turkey imported from Maine?" Lyrical gold.

19. "High School Musical"
It's the final song of the series, and while we did enjoy it, we expected more? Is that weird?

18. "Scream"
Another angry Troy song about finding himself, but there's a better one. You'll find it much further down the list.

17. "Now or Never"
C'mon. You get chills when Gaby cries/sings out to her boyfriend: "Troyyyyyy!" in the middle of the big game. Don't lie, you liars!

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16. "We're All In This Together"  
The perfect feel-good song to a perfect feel-good ending.

15. "You Are the Music in Me"
Not our favorite Troy-Gabby duet, but definitely our third favorite. 

14. "Right Here, Right Now"
And here is our second favorite.

13. "Start of Something New"  
For nostalgia sake. The song that started it all.

12. "Get'cha Head in the Game"  
Choreography with basketballs? Points off because this is not Zac Efron's voice, but that's the only points we are deducting.

11. "What Time Is It"
Yes! Let's kick off the sequel with a "school is out" jam that kids will be singing for generations!

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10. "The Boys Are Back"
Any time Troy and Chad dance and sing together is damn magical. Plus there's the added bonus of mini-versions of Troy and Chad and they have adventures in the junkyard.

9. "A Night to Remember"
When the boys grumble their way through the first chorus? The best.

8. "Can I Have This Dance?"
Yes, you can Zac Efron. Yes, you can. This is our favorite Gabby-Troy duet. Deal with it.

7. "We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)"
Feelings. End of an era feelings.

6."I Don't Dance"
This song does not get the attention it deserves. Corbin Bleu is one of the strongest—if not the strongest singer of the bunch. And then there's the dancing and baseball uniforms and an unlikely friendship between musical vet Ryan and jock Chad…so much to love in just one number.

5. "Breaking Free"  
Though it's not Zac's voice, it's the big duet at the end of the first movie, and when the jocks start cheering on Troy, and Gabby twirls, and both their parents are watching in the shadows…it was just the ending we needed.

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4. "Stick to the Status Quo"
This was the first time we thought: "Oh, man. This movie is deep. Because people think outside their own cliques. And that's OK!"

3. "Bet On It"
Angry-feelings dancing with jazz hands.

2. "I Want It All"
Let's be honest, HSM would be nothing without Sharpay Evans. And this song is the perfect showcase for that blonde ball of ambition.

1. "Gotta Go My Own Way"
That's right. Gabby's ballad from HSM 2. Because we all need to go our own way, eventually. This song is what our hearts whisper at night.

OK, have at it. What did we mess up? What did we get right? There is nothing we love more than a debate about High School Musical, so let's start it up with some angry choreography GIFs:

Zac Efron High School Musical GIFs
Zac Efron High School Musical GIFs
Zac Efron High School Musical GIFs
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