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Brandi Glanville Shows Off Her Massive Closet—Watch the Video!

As a star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's no secret that Brandi Glanville takes her wardrobe very seriously.

So when the blond beauty invited us into her home to check out her closet, we absolutely jumped at the chance.

E! News' Kristina Guerrero stepped inside Glanville's jam-packed closet and spied all kinds of interesting items, arranged by color, of course.

"I'm not organized. But when we're shooting, you don't ever want to wear the same thing twice. It's so passé! It's a nightmare!" the star admitted to us with a warm laugh. 

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Glanville happily pulled out a few of her favorite pieces in her wardrobe, including the dark gray party dress she wore for the promotional photos of the first season of the show, and a flashy blue cocktail dress that Yolanda Foster gifted her for her birthday one year.

"I like really sexy romantic things. I love Dolce & Gabbana," she explained of her personal style.

As for her spring must-haves, Glanville offered a fun tip that all women can appreciate.

"I'm buying all of these skirts that flare out, so your waist looks little and your legs look skinny, and you can just hide it with a blousy top!"

We like the sound of that! 

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And last but not least, the fashionsta couldn't let us leave without showing off her killer collection of sexy shoes.

"I have a lot of red bottoms!" she said, referencing Christian Louboutin's iconic branding. "Just because I was born to be a tall woman doesn't mean I shouldn't wear high heels."

And that is precisely why we love you, Brandi. 

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