The Los Angeles Lakers suffered their worst loss in franchise history on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers. But at least Will Ferrell lightened the mood for a moment at the Staples Center.

The NBA team shared an amusing clip on their Instagram account featuring a bunch of couples locking lips for the always entertaining Kiss Cam.

"It was an innocent night on the kiss cam until Will Ferrell got involved" is the (perfect) caption accompanying the short video.

The 46-year-old comedian can be seen leaning in during a couple's PDA moment on the Jumbotron. Ferrell, clad in the team's trademark purple and yellow, gives the woman sitting next to him a quick smooch on the cheek, as her fella gazes on with a perfect serious face.

Will Ferrell, Kiss Cam, Lakers Instagram


The two men join together to kiss the lady's cheek at the same time, while glaring at each other.

All in good fun, of course. And quite possibly the only thing to smile about during the blowout match.

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the home team 142-94. Even though it was the Lakers worst loss ever, it was the Clippers' biggest win ever.

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