Jimmy Kimmel, Escandalo


¿Estás listo para mas Escándalo?

Yes, of course you're ready for more of Jimmy Kimmel's Spanish-language Scandal spoof because who isn't?! The late-night talk show host debuted the second episode of his hilarious parody of the drama series which features actual stars from the show.

"Some American shows became very popular around the world and Scandal is one of them," Kimmel tells the audience.

"A number of foreign versions of Scandal are airing around the globe the best of which, in my opinion, is the Spanish-language version Escandálo. Most foreign adaptations of shows they'll replace the actors with local actors, but Escándalo features the original cast of Scandal. It premiered last week, it was a big hit and I'm happy to present episode numero dos of the hottest show on the planet Earth, Escándalo."

The new episode begins with El Presidente in the hospital being tended to his wounds from jumping out the window. Suddenly, he gets a surprise visit from Antonio (Tony Goldwyn). This marks the biggest parallel to the actual show.

Antonio goes to smother El Presidente with his weapon of choice—a pillow (just like Fitz in Scandal). However, he finds himself unsuccessful and becomes defeated. Meanwhile, Joshua Malina is slurping on soup in the bed next to him, and unfortunately has to be executed because of what he witnessed.


The next episode will feature Kerry Washington and Scott Foley and more, um, scandal. Of course.

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