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    Ryan Seacrest Takes the American Idol Version of Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars Selfie—See the Pic!

    Ryan Seacrest, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, American Idol, Twitter Twitter

    Ellen DeGeneres' record-breaking Oscars selfie is going to be pretty hard to top, but props to Ryan Seacrest for trying!

    The American Idol host turned the camera back on himself Thursday night, taking and tweeting a picture with judges Randy Jackson, Keith Urban Jennifer Lopez and returning season 11 winner Phillip Phillips all in frame, too!

    Notably absent from the selfie, though? Harry Connick Jr., who somehow didn't sneak his way into the pic! From a quick glance, though, it doesn't seem this New Orleans crooner is a fan of the selfie craze.

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    Ryan Seacrest, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, American Idol FOX via Getty Images

    He hasn't shared too many (if any) snaps taken from that awkward angle on his social media accounts. He even joked about our collective cultural selfie obsession, too, tweeting, "over the next 100 years, the human arm will evolve to over 6 feet long to accommodate mankind's need for selfies."

    Don't feel too, too bad that Harry wasn't part of the Idol selfie, though—he was in for his own surprise! New Orleans' Saints quarterback Drew Brees delivered a special video message to the Lousiana native and football fan. "did y'all see dat?" Harry tweeted after the show. "@drewbrees sent me a message on @AmericanIdol - no biggie. prolly wants me to suit up for dem @Saints hahah"

    How fun would it be if the answer to "Who dat?" was actually Harry Connick Jr.?! In the meantime, selfie away!

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