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If you want to walk in the fabulous shoes of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw for a day, NYC's premiere sightseeing company On Location Tours can make it happen (B.Y.O.Louboutins). If you want to, aaaaaaye bada bing, live like Tony Soprano, they can do that too (do not murder anyone on this tour, please). 

And now, you can fulfill your dream of being a broke twentysomething who's barely getting by!

According to the New York Daily News, On Location Tours is "in the midst of discussions" with HBO to create a Girls-themed tour of Brooklyn, Bushwick and beyond. The route could potentially stop at such locations as:

•  Hannah and Marnie's apartment in Greenpoint

•  Café Grumpy coffee shop in Greenpoint

•  The Gawker offices in SoHo

•  The warehouse in Bushwick where Shoshanna did crack

Girls Tour

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Yes, one of the highlights of the tour is a warehouse. Jezebel points out that these locations are "not especially aesthetically pleasing." Even the coffee shop is just a corner coffee shop (see above).

Now, if Shoshanna herself, Zosia Mamet, actually did crack cocaine and came on the tour with you, it might be worth it.

"The locations aren't exactly glamorous," On Location Tours president Georgette Blau says. "But they're authentic." (Just like Girls! Though we'd argue that an even more authentic tour inspired by Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath would be you trucking yourself around on the subway, sweating your ass off and fending off creepy strangers along the way.)

Blau continues, "I hope that hipsters would embrace it."

One Greenpoint barista has responded, "It would take the focus off of making good coffee."

So that's

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