Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow

We love whenever Gwyneth Paltrow does one of her "scrapbook" features for GOOP—it's an awesome inside peek into the coveted life of Ms. Paltrow and all her latest obsessions.

So what's she giving her stamp of approval this week? Some pics include new purchases, like a new Fendi bag, an Opening Ceremony dress and a brand new pair of Margiela snakeskin booties. She captioned that last purchase with, "Man Repeller? Don't care." Sigh. What must it be like to go on a Gwyneth shopping spree. We can daydream at least.

Gwyneth is also a big DVF fan, and she met up with the designer during New York Fashion Week. She posted a pic of the two deep in conversation with the title, "The madame, the myth, the legend." High praise coming from Gwyneth. 

And she also posted a pic of a cookie in the shape of her face! She wrote below the pic, "Thanks for the present, but this is so wrong." We totally agree. The cookie looks delicious, but we'd feel so weird eating it…''

We also love the pic of Gwyneth in a custom-made chef jacket with "Chef Gwyneth" embroidered on it. "Yes, I'm a nerd," she writes. Gwyneth is many things, but "nerd" is not the first thing that pops to mind!

Check out the entire scrapbook at

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