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Cobie Smulders Covers Fashion Magazine, Talks Life Post-How I Met Your Mother

Cobie Smulders, Fashion Magazine Chris Nicholls/Fashion Magazine

It's the end of an era, folks!

Last Friday, How I Met Your Mother wrapped it's final episode and Cobie Smulders tweeted that she was "so grateful" to have played the part of Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS sitcom, a role that she hand-picked nearly a decade earlier.

"I had to choose between three projects…I decided to go with How I Met Your Mother, which was the best call," she shares in the April Issue of Fashion magazine.  "I would've been so pissed off if I had gone the other way, don't you think?"

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Cobie Smulders, Fashion Magazine Chris Nicholls/Fashion Magazine

Now that it's all over, she reflected on how her character has changed over the nine seasons. "Robin started off not being the funny one…at the beginning, she was the girl that the guy wanted. She eventually went through some emotional growth."

So what's next for the actress? She's looking to get a little vulnerable on-screen. I'm always playing the strong, smart woman – I'm looking to play somebody a little bit more fractured, a little weaker."

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Weak is certainly not how the star looks on the Canadian publication's cover. Wearing a plunging brightly printed Etro dress the star looks totally sure of herself. Probably because despite her success she's always been able to stay grounded. "I never want to lose my Canadian-ness…and when I say Canadian-ness, I mean down-to-earth. I like being able to not take myself seriously and to not feel entitled."

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