Drew Barrymore, Oil and Salt, Instagram


Drew Barrymore is picking up some new cooking tips and tricks!

The 39-year-old actress took to her Instagram page earlier today to share photos from a lesson she had during a cooking school class.

"Going to culinary school in napa ! #freshpasta #learning #eating," she captioned the kitchen shot. In the photo collage, Barrymore poses with the pasta dough before it's made into shapes. Another image shows the dough laid out and cut into strips on a stone counter top before getting presented all ready to eat in a bowl.

The Instagram collage also shows the exterior of the culinary school building set against a lush landscape in Northern California.

Barrymore also shared an Instagram photo of different culinary dishes ranging from salmon to oranges and pasta dinners (she's clearly enjoying tapping into her inner chef!). Perhaps some of these dishes are on the expectant star's list of pregnancy cravings?

Back in January, the mother-of-one opened up to E! News about her pregnancy cravings the second time around.

"The [craving] with Olive was tamales," Barrymore dished. "Anything tamale. I love tamales. With this little lovely lady it's like pan-fried noodles from any Chinese restaurant. I drive by them and I fantasize about them. I find myself like pulling over a lot for food. Like the car just goes off the lane and over to the restaurant."

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