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Academy Awards Confidential: Alicia Quarles Reveals the Biggest and Juiciest Celebrity Secrets

Alicia Quarles

Awards season is dunzo, but for those of you already suffering from Oscar withdrawal, don't fret! There is so much more to tell. After spending several days in Los Angeles covering all kinds of pre-Oscar events, parties and day of festivities (hello Vanity Fair viewing/post party), my reporter friends and I have seen it all. Now it's time to share a snippet of the funny, naughty, innocent and "things that make you go hmmm" moments that went down. Consider this you post-Oscars aperitif.

Some of the names of certain celebrities have been redacted to protect the not so innocent...

—Which A-lister put a twist on her Oscar dress, much to her stylist's dismay, landing her on many worst dressed lists? She's not owning up to the faux pas, but I'm pretty sure she will be sticking to what her glam squad suggest from now on.

Quincy Jones is really fond of Petra Němcová...really fond. The music legend stayed locked in an embrace with his "friend" at the Elton John party, and kissed her several times, including on her chest! Němcová didn't seem to mind, though, taking a selfie with Jones before their embrace was over.

Vanessa Hudgens congratulated bobsledding bronze medalist Aja Evans—and even cradled the precious medal at the same party. Evans was hanging out with her medal along with ice dancing gold medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis, but least one MAJOR star was unimpressed, passing them by as a handler tried to get the star's attention so they could possibly get a photo. The star said, "Who? Um, no," and walked away.

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Alicia Quarles

Lupita Nyong'o's name seems to be on everyone's lips, especially since winning her Academy Award; but even this A-lister got starstruck. Nyong'o excitedly pulled out her phone to take photos of Oprah Winfrey when she spotted her at the Essence luncheon. It didn't take long for Winfrey to pull Nyong'o over and embrace her. Pretty soon, it was all of us who were taking photos of the two of them.

Kim Kardashian is known for her awesome posterior, but Khloé Kardashian's is a sight to behold—just ask Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg was in mid interview at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar after party when Khloé, in a tight fitting velvet red dress, walked by—and she had to stop and admire the view. Goldberg was heard remarking, "I never saw it in motion!" It's apparently real—and spectacular.

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Alicia Quarles

—The hottest spot at the Vanity Fair party wasn't inside, but at the valet station. It's where Orlando Bloom spent much of the night. Ever the gentleman, he helped Penélope Cruz into her car as she ate an In-N-Out burger. Naomi Watts also grabbed her burger to go, eating it in the car after spending time speaking with Carolina Herrera. Bruce Willis and his pregnant wife Emma Hemming hung out in the same area, and Bloom gave Willis dap (yep, the old school fist bump) before he and Hemming rolled out—literally—in their waiting SUV.

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Alicia Quarles

—She's sexy and she knows it: Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) was the life of the party at the American Hustle soiree. She has an ample chest, shall we say, and danced until they were nearly on full display, but Vardalos didn't seem to care. She and her assets were the life of the party.

—Too many stars to count pulled the pose and go. Meaning, they walked the red carpet, posed, entered the event and left out of the back door. How else do you think a certain mega music star could "attend" so many big events on Sunday?

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Alicia Quarles

—It's a dirty game. Stylists fight for the perfect items for their clients to wear to the Oscars. Imagine the horror this A-list stylist felt when she was told Sunday morning the diamonds she pulled for her client were "missing," only to later see another star (who is higher profile than her client) rocking them at the show.

—Hmmmm, so just how many stars carry flasks with them on the big night? This Oscar winner certainly does. Vodka only. Guess you do what you have to do to get through the long night.

Oh, there is so much more to tell, but a girl has to keep some secrets, and keep you wanting more insight for next awards season...

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