Before the Oscars began Sunday, E! News correspondents Catt Sadler and Jesse Giddings kicked off the night with a little trivia.

As for how the ‘Name the Nominee' game went down, Giddings listed off three trivia questions that all corresponded to the same actor that Sadler had to use as hints for her answer.

For example, when he asked Sadler to name the nominee for best supporting actor, he asked: "Which nominee was nominated for the first time? Which nominee previously worked with Steve McQueen? And which nominee plays an iconic comic book character in a superhero Marvel movie?"

Can you guess the mystery man (check out the video for the answer)?

And there was more trivia to come with viewers playing along as the pair asked questions about more Oscar nominees.

Speaking of the nominees, Harpers Bazaar editor Laura Brown joined Sadler and Giddings to break down the Oscars fashion, starting by saying, "I'm going to name all of my kids Lupita," after seeing the Oscar winner walk out of her car in a powder blue Prada gown.

Find out what else the trio had to say about Pharrell's short suit, Olivia Wilde's accessories and more!

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