Kitten/Dog fight


Leonardo DiCaprio lost. Jennifer Lawrence fell. Everyone ate pizza and took part in a selfie. John Travolta can't pronounce names. There. You've officially read about everything important that happened at the Oscars on Sunday night. Now it's time for a much-needed Oscar break. Because honestly, how much more can we talk about famous people celebrating each other? One more day? Two more, tops?

Well, we're halting it now. At least for a moment. Because there's a video of a tiny kitten trying to wrestle a bone away from a giant dog that you must watch.

Quick summary of the footage: The big dog has a juicy, delicious treat. The tiny kitten wants said juicy, delicious treat. The dog does not want to share, and the kitten does not want to give up.

So basically it's cat vs. dog, with extra cuteness! Watch it and cleanse your Internet palate, and then you can go back to Oscar stuff:

(H/T Jezebel)

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