Julia Roberts, Tyson Beckford

2014 Getty Images

All the Oscar actors and actresses with unique names on the red carpet tonight (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Barkhad Abdi and Lupita Nyong'o to name a few), and Tyson Beckford misnames one of the most iconic actresses of all time? And one with the easiest name to pronounce? That is some next level flubbing.

If you saw the name "Jessica Roberts" trending on Twitter tonight, it wasn't because there was some hot new actress arriving on the carpet. Nope, it was because Beckford, who was reporting the arrivals live for ABC, called Julia Roberts...Jessica Roberts.

We repeat: Tyson Beckford didn't know Julia Roberts name.

Now, we understand that live TV is daunting and very, very stressful. But c'mon, man! It's Julia Roberts!

Ryan Seacrest would never.

But some people are giving him the benefit of the doubt, because Jessica Biel's photo popped up next, and that could be why he mixed up their names.

But still. Hard to forgive that.

You can watch Tyson's faux pas on the red carpet below:

What do you guys think? Total Hollywood crime or honest mistake?

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