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This Bulldog Thought He Was These Kittens' Mom (and You Have to See the Adorable Pictures)

Rorschach Bulldog, Kitten Rorschach Bulldogs/Facebook

We're not sure what kind of disclaimer to include with these photos: Not Safe For Anyone Who Doesn't Like Adorable Things ("NSFAWDLAT")? Warning: These pictures might be so cute you'll go blind? IT'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE?

Just know that these photos are the cutest thing that you will see all day and we're not responsible for any side effects you may experience from looking at them. Now that we got that out of the way… 

Meet Hammie and his kittens.

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Rorschach Bulldog, Kitten Rorschach Bulldogs/Facebook

Hammie is a 1-year-old bulldog who belongs to Michelle Parden of Lincoln, Neb. Last October, Parden took in a pregnant cat named Mommy (yes, Mommy. We told you this was adorable). Mommy wasn't faring so well, with an eye and respiratory infection and fleas, amongst other issues.

But on Halloween, Mommy gave birth to six adorable kittens, appropriately named Pumpkin, Goblin, Frankenstein, Batman, Zombie and Elvira (they were named by Michelle's 7-year-old, but don't pretend you wouldn't have given them Halloween-themed names too).

Rorschach Bulldog, Kitten Rorschach Bulldogs/Facebook

Michelle initially kept the dogs separate from the kittens, so they wouldn't scare the little guys, but eventually began to introduce the two species, starting with blankets that smelled like the pups and working their way to face-to-face time.

Not that she had anything to worry about: Hammie came in, nudged the kittens a bit with his nose and then settled in for a cuddle session. "I swear he though he was the mom," Michelle says

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Rorschach Bulldog, Kitten Rorschach Bulldogs/Facebook

"He's the sweetest dog I've ever had," Michelle continues.

Mommy and Zombie were adopted together, with the rest of the kittens finding homes soon after. And now Hammie is back to work trying to win over the Parden family's permanent pet cat, Masuaka.

He'll also compete in a bulldog show this year, where he will surely win Mr. Congeniality.

Rorschach Bulldog, Kitten Rorschach Bulldogs/Facebook

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