Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres

ABC/Randy Holmes

Oprah Winfrey may have given her audience members cars, but did she ever give anyone an Oscar?

Ellen DeGeneres did when she gifted Jimmy Kimmel with a gold statuette on his late-night talk show Wednesday. Kimmel first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier that afternoon, where the 46-year-old revealed that his wife, Molly McNearney, is pregnant with their first child together. When DeGeneres appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that night, she gave him something money can't buy!

"You announced on the show that you and Molly are having a baby. Congratulations again," DeGeneres said. "I got you a baby gift. Will it be your first?" she asked, handing Kimmel an Oscar.

"It is a heavy baby gift," Kimmel marveled, before inspecting the statuette to assess its authenticity.

"It is real! They let me take a real—well, they didn't let me—but I took it," joked DeGeneres, 56, who will host the 86th Annual Academy Awards live on Sunday at 7 p.m. EST on ABC. "I was rehearsing across the street. It is like a baby rattle so the child can play with it."

Kimmel joked, "I wish the baby had a speech prepared right now...I can't believe how heavy this thing is. The baby is not going to like this at all! We are going to have to have one of those super babies."

Referring to Kimmel's on-going feud with another A-lister, DeGeneres joked, "Top that Matt Damon!"

DeGeneres then got down to business, telling Kimmel, "I am very busy. I didn't think this through when I said I would host the Oscars. I have a show everyday, and I am writing like crazy. I am moving at the same time, which was not thought through either. We are moving right after the Oscars," she said.

"So you and [Portia de Rossi] are not moving into separate houses like I have seen in some of these magazines?" Kimmel said, referring to tabloid reports that the wives' marriage is on the rocks.

DeGeneres replied, "I read that we were getting divorced, and I went and told her and she was sad. I couldn't believe we were getting divorced but I guess we are. They said it." In all seriousness, the Finding Dory voiceover star put rumors to rest, saying once and for all, "We are not getting divorced."

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