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Save One Show, Round 3

Save One Show is losing half of its competitors!

That's right, we're trimming the field down to five, with the Top 10 round of voting coming to close in just a few hours. And some shows really need a last-minute push to advance, including Trophy Wife, Community and Hart of Dixie.

Beauty and the Beast's fans have been relentless, keeping the CW series in the lead  throughout the competition thus far, but hot on its heels are The Mentalist and Dracula.

This round closes tonight (Thursday, Feb. 27) at 5 p.m. PT, with round four, which pits the Top 5 against each other, kicking off bright and early Friday morning. Make sure your fellow fans know to vote as often and much as they like by tweeting about the tournament using the #SaveOneShow hashtag.

So get to rescuing 'cause these small screen damsels are in distress!

Five Shows in Danger of Being Eliminated (At Time of Publish)
Trophy Wife
Hart of Dixie
The Mindy Project
The Tomorrow People

Five Shows With the Most Votes (At Time of Publish)
Beauty and the Beast
The Mentalist
Almost Human