Raising Mercury, Kitten


Are you ready to meet the most amazing kitten? You'd better get ready, because not only is this cat adorable and overcoming great adversity, he's also a T-Rex kitty!

Mercury was found when he was just 4 days old and it's believed that his injuries came from a weed whacker. He is missing his two front legs and has all but one of his toes on his back legs. After he was rescued, his wounds were treated, he was bottle-fed and he grew into a playful and happy kitten!

Raising Mercury, Kitten


"Mercury does everything other cats do—he plays with toys, he jumps, plays with other cats and dogs, sleeps on the bed, uses a litter box, and believes he is the king of the world and should be worshiped," his owners write on his Facebook page. "We still encourage Mercury to move his body in his way, and try to get him to do as much as he can on his own—carrying him around and doing things for him does not help him be a strong independent cat."

They also report that the vet has been very pleased with his progress and no problems have surfaced with his spine or hips due to his different methods of getting around the house. They also reveal that as of right now, there is no wheelchair or prosthetic solution for his missing front legs, but they are hopeful that something special will be created for him in the future once he stops growing.

We hope he gets the help he needs when he's older, but based on all the photos and videos, Mercury is doing just fine with his two legs! Look at him play! Mercury is more awesome with two legs than most cats with four. 

He even does the "lazy play" that most cats are so fond of:

And of course, there's the T-Rex reference. When he walks around on his back legs, he looks like the cutest little carnivorous dinosaur ever, just stalking his prey.

"Mercury absolutely loves life, and has the most inquisitive personality," says his Facebook page. "If he sees something outside he runs to the window to watch, if a new toy or scratching post is brought in he is the first to run over and check it out, he has the biggest purr when he is being petted, and if he doesn't like something or you aren't doing what he wants he will yell at you until he gets his way."

You can read all about Mercury, follow his journey and see more photos on his Facebook page. His owners love the T-Rex references, because who doesn't love a cute and furry little dinosaur as your pet?!

And with that in mind, we just couldn't help ourselves:

Jurassic Park Kitten

Universal; Facebook

Jurassic Mercury! Or Mercury Park! Or Tyrannosaurus Mercury!

Mercury, you are awesome and we salute you. Keep rockin' it with your two legs!

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