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    Amy Poehler Plays Mini-Golf With Michelle Obama While Helping First Lady Promote "Let's Move!" Program

    Michelle Obama, Amy Poehler Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Talk about life kinda, sorta imitating art.

    Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler found herself at a, well, parks and recreation center in Miami on Tuesday, where she joined Michelle Obama to help the First Lady promote her "Let's Move!" youth health initiative.

    "It's a real honor to be here this afternoon, and it's especially exciting for me to learn that if you play a character with a certain career long enough, people will treat you as if you actually have that job," the actress said. "So this might be a shocker, but I am actually not a deputy director of parks and recreation."

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    Michelle Obama, Amy Poehler Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Poehler then quipped, "Just ask yourself this question: Without parks, where would we put all the swings? It would be in the middle of the road. It would be very dangerous."

    With Obama laughing beside her, she added, "This is so fun! Mrs. Obama is standing next to me like she's my audience and I'm just telling her jokes. This is like a dream."

    The two later joined several children for a round of mini-golf as well as other activities.

    According to NBC6 South Florida, Obama came to Miami to announce that the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the National Recreation and Park Association have teamed up on behalf of "Let's Move!" with the promise to serve more fruits and vegetables at after-school programs and ensure that kids get more physical activity each day.

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