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Joel McHale is going to Washington to host the White House Correspondents' Dinner on May 3. And since it's The Soup host's first time serving as emcee at the star-studded affair, he turned to a previous host for some guidance: Jimmy Kimmel.

"Did you know that the President Barack Obama will be there?" the Community actor quipped to the late-night host during a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "Of the United States."

"Yeah, and not only that, he's opening for you," Kimmel replied.

"That's exactly how I wanted it to be," McHale said.

"And unfortunately you happen to be doing this, when we have a President who is actually very funny," Kimmel explained. "Like when President Bush was there, it was ridiculous. I mean, following him was..."

Joel McHale, Jimmy Kimmel


"You could do anything," McHale interrupted.

Kimmel continued that "it's bad" for McHale since the commander-in-chief is "skilled," which prompted McHale to get some tips for the big night, also known as "nerd prom."

"Should I go blue? What do you suggest? Just curse it up?" McHale asked.

"Cursing is not a great idea. I don't think cursing is a good idea," Kimmel said, even though he did accidentally say a bad word during his recent stint.

As for the nerves, Kimmel admitted that he had never been "more nervous in his life" and actually started cleaning his hotel room "like a lunatic."

"Like you were on cocaine or something?" McHale joked.

"You know I went and got a huge coffee beforehand and that was a mistake," Kimmel continued. "And I was already nervous to start with and I turned into a member of the housekeeping staff."