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    Coldplay Surprises Fans by Secretly Releasing New Song "Midnight" and Accompanying Music Video —Watch Now!

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    It's official: Beyoncé has started a new trend in the music biz (somehow we're not surprised).

    With just one single tweet alerting fans that "something new" would be coming at midnight in local Ulaanbaatar time (the capital of Mongolia, in case you were unaware), Coldplay released their latest single "Midnight" as well as the accompanying music video, which will presumably be featured on their yet-to-be-announced sixth studio album.

    "Here is the video for our new song, Midnight…," the British rockers captioned the clip, which was directed by Mary Wigmore, who also directed the 2005 video for "The Hardest Part" and is an incredibly close friend of lead vocalist Chris Martin's wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    The moody music video, which is just over five minutes long, features black and white photo-negative images of the bandmembers slowly moving through a forest as Martin's soft vocals croon in the background.

    Images of colorful city lights begin to flash across the screen as the beat builds in the atmospheric track before the song reaches a more upbeat tempo as the group, still as silhouette images of themselves, dance in the woods while accompanied by wolves.

    With the exception of the two tweets, no further information has been released, and Coldplay only has one appearance scheduled for 2014 thus far. According to reports, they're expected to play at the iTunes festival in London and at next month's South by Southwest. 

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    Coldplay most recently released their tune "Atlas" in August, which was also featured on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    Coincidentally, Kid Cudi also surprised fans by secretly dropping his new album, Satellite, today.

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