Nicole Richie


One glance at Nicole Richie's most recent Instagram upload, and you'd be convinced that the star dramatically altered her hair color to a shocking shade of violet. 

That's right, the pint-sized fashion icon posted an edgy photo of herself rocking freshly dyed lavender locks, similar to Kelly Osbourne's signature shade—a look that actually suits her cool persona quite well.

And just when we started to entertain the idea of experimenting with a cotton candy hair color of our own this spring, new photos surfaced of the star over the weekend with her natural hair color perfectly in tact.

Um, what?!

Turns out Richie pulled a fast one on all of us!

According to Fashionista, the photo was actually taken several years ago for an editorial shoot, and she was simply trying her hand at a little Photoshop magic on the old image.

Could have fooled us! 

All pranks aside, we have to say, the stylish star pulls off the pastel shade quite brilliantly, and this is definitely a less damaging way to test out a fun hair color without the commitment!

Do you think Nicole should actually dye her hair purple?

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