Sochi Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

Al Bello/Getty Images

Despite a sky full of fireworks and a giant, nightmare-inducing bear, Sochi's closing ceremony failed to bring in strong ratings.

Sunday night's final Olympic broadcast brought in 15.3 million viewers and had a 3.3 rating among the coveted 18-49 demographic. However, when compared with Vancouver's 2010 closing ceremony, these numbers are down 29 percent in total viewers and down a staggering 40 percent in the ratings.Yikes.

Following suit, the Sochi Gold Medal ceremony was also down in both viewership and ratings. Compared to Vancouver's medal ceremony, Sochi's 2.6 demo was down 46 percent with only 12.6 million watching. Overall, the Sochi Olympics have averaged 21.2 million viewers and a 5.5 rating among 18-49, down 13 percent in viewers and 17 percent in demo from four years ago.

Translation: Stop trying to make Sochi happen, it's not going to happen!

No to point fingers, but we totally think that the terrifying bear (seen in the Vine above) is the reason that many families chose to not tune in. Take note, Sochi: when a ceremony includes a 40-foot bear and an army of clowns, it's probably going to give your little ones night terrors. Okay, fine, we'll admit it: we had them, too!

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