Josh Duhamel Wanted Barack Obama to Help Him on New Pet Adoption Project, but "He Bought Both of His Dogs"

    Josh Duhamel, Puppies Courtesy Sherrie Buzby/PetSmart Charities

    It's Josh Duhamel surrounded by precious little puppies. Need we say more? Didn't think so, but we will anyway.

    The Hollywood hunk has teamed up with PetSmart Charities' Rescue Waggin, a pet transport program that moves dogs from overpopulated shelters to cities where they have a better chances of being adopted, for a webseries titled Rescue Waggin: Tales From the Road, which documents their heartwarming journey from shelter to shelter.

    Duhamel became a big pet adoption advocate after he brought home Meatloaf, who unfortunately passed away in 2012, as a pal for his dog Zoë, and after his experience with adoption, the star continues to urge others to do the same.

    "I just thought it's such a great way to tell stories about these dogs are in these shelters where they'd otherwise be put down, suddenly get scooped up by this Rescue Waggin and get taken to a shelter where they can find a family that's really looking to adopt," he tells us. "It's a really, really cute series, really fun series about these dogs' journeys from death's doorsteps, literally, to a loving family."

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    And he doesn't do it alone. Duhamel is joined by various celeb pals throughout the trek, including Adam Shankman and Bret Michaels.

    However, there was one specific person that Josh would have liked to join along, but didn't—and that's Barack Obama. Since the president didn't adopt his furry friends, he was kinda disqualified in Duhamel's book. "I wanted President Obama to do it but he bought both of his dogs so he was out of the running."

    If you do decide to adopt, Duhamel wants to make sure you know what you're signing up for. "A lot of these dogs that end up in shelters are because people get a dog because they love the idea of it. Then the reality of, ‘Oh, I really gotta take care of this puppy,' hits. And they end up taking up too much and they end up in the shelter. Yes it's a little work, but I believe the work you put in you get ten-fold."

    Rescue Waggin: Tales From the Road premieres on March 3.

    Josh Duhamel, Puppies Courtesy Sherrie Buzby/PetSmart Charities

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