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    Khloé Kardashian the "Gym Rat," Miley Cyrus the Topless Dozer and More Stars' Fierce Friday Selfies!

    Celeb Selfies Instagram/Twitter

    Who doesn't love a good selfie?

    Celebrities certainly appreciate the fine art of being the photographed and the photographer, and on Friday social media was swarming with a fresh new round of celebrity selfies!

    Khloé Kardashian kept things real with a full-body "Gym rat selfie" she posted to Instagram, adding #Fitness and #SleepyBoots hashtags. It's easy to slack on your workouts right before the weekend, so props to Khloé for powering through!

    Miley Cyrus on the other hand, chose to catch a few more Z's (which is understandable, given the fact that she was riding a gigantic flying hot dog through the air the night before). She tweeted a shirtless snap and was enjoying a little lazy time. "can't remember the last time I was still in bed at noon," she wrote.

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    Celeb Selfies Instagram/Twitter

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    Celeb Selfies Instagram/Twitter

    Demi Lovato, a former Disney darling just like Miley, Instagrammed a selfie showing off her neon pink pigtails and vintage sunglasses, adding an excited #NEONLIGHTSTOUR tag ahead of her Atlanta show Friday.

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    Demi's BFF Selena Gomez didn't technically share a selfie, but she did showcase herself having "a good hair whip," which most certainly deserves and honorable mention.

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    Her former beau, Justin Bieber, posted a selfie proper with mama Pattie Mallette to Shots (where he's still using the Bizzle handle). The Biebs has a birthday coming up (March 2), and we can surely expect selfies on selfies on selfies.

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    Another birthday boy who's actually celebrating on Friday is Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban! Kris Jenner Instagrammed a selfie with Jonathan, telling him sweetly, "I love you and cherish your friendship!!!!!!"

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    And all the way from Sochi, Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner took a selfie with men's figure skater Jeremy Abbott. The twosome was cheering on Team USA as they tried to take on Canada. But—womp, womp—those Canucks won with a score of 1-0.

    On the bright side, though, none of Friday's fiercest celebrity selfies fell into the dreaded duckface category!

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