Morgan Freeman Fake Autograph


Morgan Freeman is the subject of yet another hoax!

A year and a half after the 76-year-old actor was at the center of a false internet death hoax, Freeman's name is being used in an online marriage proposal prank.

A man supposedly named Jake took to Reddit recently claiming that he sent Freeman a letter asking the actor to marry him. The man also claimed that Freeman denied the proposal by sending him a signed headshot with the message "To Jake: Keep dreaming" written on it.


Sadly, the funny and slightly awesome marriage proposal is fake. "This is not a picture we have ever used," his rep tells E! News. "Both the inscription and the signature are fake. No one connected with Morgan nor Morgan himself ever sent this."

Back in September 2012, Freeman was the subject of a death hoax. Word spread like wildfire online that Freeman had suddenly passed away thanks to a Facebook page that garnered over 66,000 likes.

His rep told E! News at the time, "Morgan is alive and well, and joins the long list of actors who have been victimized by this hoax."

—Reporting by Ruth O'Neill

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