Canadian Hockey Team, Sochi Winter Olympics

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Oh, s--t. Do you realize what we've done by losing to Canada in the Winter Olympic Hockey finals?!

The Canadian Women's hockey team came from behind to beat the United States and win the gold in Thursday's finale game, so first of all, well done, Canada! They got the gold and USA got the silver. Congrats to both teams!

Sure, Americans are upset because we lost to our neighbors to the North and if it's one thing we don't like as Americans, it's losing. But we're especially bitter because we were defeated by a country that some people refer to as "America's Hat."

But then we saw this billboard that's being displayed in Chicago. And while it's actually promoting the Men's Hockey game on Friday that will put the United States and Canada against each other again, it still worries us seeing as we just lost to Canada today:

Mother of God GIF

My god. Did we just get Justin Bieber? To keep? FOREVER?! Or do we also have to lose tomorrow's game, too? We need answers!

We think we're OK for now regarding Bieber's permanent residence because it's players from the men's teams that are featured on the billboard, but this means that the stakes have never been higher going into tomorrow's hockey game. So men of the U.S. Olympic team: Please don't let us down. This is what's at stake:

Justin Bieber


Do it for your teammates! Do it for your country! DO IT FOR NO MORE BIEBER!


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