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Someone Made a Real-Life Version of Flappy Bird (and Apparently It's as Hard as the iPhone Game)

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Whoever said, "Stop playing video games and go outside and do something!" probably wasn't expecting this: Fawn Qiu of High Low Tech did do something—she created a "real-life" version of Flappy Bird. 

The iPhone game is now gone but not forgotten. Gone, because it has been removed from the App Store. Not forgotten, because if you already have the game downloaded, you can still play it (Sidebar: We got a new high score this weekend! 12!)

And if you're (un)lucky enough, you can play Qiu's in real-life version. 

"I wanted to combine my two interests and make a physical version of the digital game," Fawn told Buisness Insider. "And potentially use the project as a teaching tool for a wider audience. I also love Flappy Bird, despite being a terrible player."    

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Qiu's version is "made with Arduino, two servo motors, reed switch, and magnets." From what we can gather, players push a switch to navigate the pipes until they hit one, at which point the lid closes and your game is over.

"I was hoping the IRL version would be easier, but I think I made it harder than I wanted to," Qiu admits. (From what we can gather, this version looks exactly as impossible as the iPhone one.)

Flappy Bird

Now, if you're still looking for an an alternative to Flapping, might we suggest Tiny Wings? It's cheap (99 cents, but you don't have to deal with giant annoying ads like in Flappy Bird), plenty addictive and it won't make you want to throw yourself down an elevator shaft.

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