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    Katy Perry's Bob With Bangs—Are You a Fan of the Singer's New Hairstyle?

    Katy Perry, John Mayer

    While Katy Perry's new ring may have been the hot topic over the weekend, the singer's new 'do also warrants a bit of discussion.

    It appears the pop star's new bangs, which she debuted shortly after the Grammys, are here to stay. The fringe is now paired with a bob haircut that ends just above her shoulders.

    Perry first showed off the haircut on Instagram, and soon after she was spotted sporting the new hairstyle on a Valentine's Day with her maybe-fiancé John Mayer.

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    The cute crop is similar to the bob Katy had when the twosome made their debut as a couple back in August 2012. Of course, the duo—who broke up and got back together since then—have progressed quite a bit since those first dates.

    While it's still unconfirmed whether or not the pair may even be headed down the aisle soon, we do know they had a romantic holiday last Friday. "They are really happy. They had the most amazing date night. They had a private booth at Bootsy Bellows and were very happy just to be together," a source tells E! News. "They were taking pics of one another and are head over heels. After a while, they had some friends join them and they spent the rest of the night dancing. They left as the club was closing."

    No doubt Mayer is a fan or her new haircut—but are you?

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