Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

James Whatling / Splash News

If you've ever thought Kate Middleton's all-too-perfect blowouts were just a little too perfect, you're not alone.

Denise McAdam, who worked as a hairdresser to the royals for 35 years, isn't overly impressed with the duchess's 'do. "I think her hair is wonderful," she told Radio Times magazine, but she finds that Kate's curls are "maybe a little overdone at times."

The stylist made sure to clarify, however, that Prince George's mum "always looks lovely," and also said she was "a good friend" of Kate's. But Denise, who is no longer employed by the royal family, had some harsher things to say about Prince Charles' sister, Princess Anne

"Princess Anne was the scary one, particularly when I was young," she said. "It was a simple updo, so I just used to go in, close my eyes and do it as quickly as possible. Sarah Ferguson, on the other hand, is a great friend."

Thankfully, Denise, who will be taking her royal experience to reality TV on the upcoming BBC program Hair, isn't one to style and spill. "I've heard some very good stories from my clients over the years. I could write a brilliant book," she said.

"There are things that William and Harry have told me, but you have to be discreet," she said. "That's why the queen awarded me the Royal Victorian Medal [in 2010]. It was for 35 years of keeping my mouth shut."

Loyalty is royalty.

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