Orange Is the New Black Season 2: Taystee and Poussey Tease Show's Return

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Danielle Brooks, OITNB
Danielle Brooks, OITNB Netflix

Season two of Orange Is the New Black can't come soon enough.

Just days before Netflix revealed that the prison series will be back on June 6, I sat to down with the stars of the show at Savannah College of Art and Design's aTVFest in Atlanta.

"It feels like Orange Is the New Black is the start of a movement," said Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee. "To be on a show with so many women and not just on the screen, but also the crew and the writers and the producers, the team mostly is women. When do you see a show with more than one person of color on it? You have six, seven women who are black and Hispanic who are leads. It's so cool. And Laverne Cox—how amazing is she?"

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Samira Wiley, OITNB Netflix

When we last saw Taystee, she had been released from the prison, only to return after being arrested again.

"I'm going to tease you a little bit about Taystee [in] season two—you'll get more of me!" Brooks cracked. "The only thing I can give you is that for me Taystee has shocked me for season two so I think people will be excited to see what she does in season two."

Taystee's prison bestie is Poussey, played by Samira Wiley.

"We will see Poussey's back story so I hope people are excited about that. I'm excited about that," Wiley said. "We will see a lot more of her in prison.

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Samira Wiley, Danielle Brooks, OITNB Al Pereira/WireImage

"I feel like in season one, she's really seen as the joyous sidekick for Taystee and that's great," she added. "She's such a good friend and really good at that, but we'll see really more of her, her morals, where her loyalty lies, who she is as a woman, all that kind of stuff."

Wiley said she'd love to see Marlee Matlin on the show. She was excited to not only learn the Oscar winner was an OITNB fan, but also that she was following her on Twitter.

Brookes suggested Lupita Nyong'o as a future guest star.

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We have a feeling the 12 Years a Slave actress would be open to it. She retweeted a pic of the series logo and season two premiere date originally posted on Instagram by OITNB star Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes.

"Say no more, CALENDAR MARKED!" Nyong'o tweeted. "#regram @uzoaduba #oitnb."

Just after House of Cards' second season debuted on Friday, Feb. 14, Netflix announced OITNB's return date via an ad at the very end of Kevin Spacey's political drama's finale.

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