Kendall Jenner, Marc Jacobs, NYFW

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Obviously it wasn't Kendall Jenner's makeup job that got the majority of the post-show press after Marc Jacobs' runway show.

But her dramatic nude face, including her barely there eyebrows, is certainly worth a closer look as well!

Victoria Hunter, of NYC's Whittemore House Salon, is the one who bleached and tinted all of the models', including Kendall's, eyebrows before the show—and yes, it's a process best left to the professionals.

"It's not something you do at home, especially if you have really dark eyebrows," Hunter exclusively tells E! News.

First she bleached the models' brows, and then tinted them to get the shade just so.

"To do it took hours," Hunter recalled. "We started at midday, and we were going for hours and hours."

For starters, she said, "a lot of girls had dark eyebrows, so it was a lot of taking [the bleach] off and putting it back on, so sometimes it took four times before the right color was achieved."

 Kendall Jenner, Marc Jacobs, NYFW

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

"It's a particular bleach, because your eyebrows are very sensitive," she explained, "so you have to have something that has an oil base." After the bleaching, she would apply toner to achieve that beige color.

"The whole Marc Jacobs look was very tonal, from the hair to the clothes to the brows," Hunter added.

Kendall's brow job took about three tries, she said, after which the 18-year-old, who walked down the runway in a completely see-through brown top and two-tone cropped trousers, dyed hers back to brown right afterward.

"It's very simple" to dye them back to their natural color, Hunter said, "because you're just putting a dark color back on. It's very easy."

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