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Alicia Quarles Tells All: The Secrets of New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week generated a ton of behind-the-scenes tidbits you didn't see. There were near-spills, injuries, humbling and intimate moments with celebrities—and that's just from my diary during Fashion Week, day one.

You'll get a glimpse at what went down from an insider's perspectives during our "Secrets of Fashion Week" special airing Friday at 8PM ET/PT on E! 

Our all-star group includes supermodel Karolina Kurkova, singer Kelly Rowland, designer Cynthia Rowley and of course our E! News special contributor, Zanna Roberts Rassi.

Here's a bit of what we uncovered during our days (and long nights) with the trendsetters:

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Alicia Quarles, NYFW Alicia Quarles

Beyoncé Was Right. Pretty Hurts!: After walking the runway for the Go Red For Women Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show in a Zac Posen dress, I came away from it feeling elated, but with three massive bruises: one on my collarbone (from the piping in a dress—not Zac's—a dress from the day before), a bloody cut on my toe (I don't know how that happened), and a nasty gash on my finger (the ring I wore earlier in the day was worth it though!)

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Alicia Quarles, NYFW Alicia Quarles

Fashion Week is the Starvation Diet: But not by choice. I wanted to eat, but trying to get a meal in while rushing between fashion shows was like starring in The Hunger Games. It's every fashionista for themselves. My best bet was trying to have a big breakfast and then pack snacks because it is go, go, go. The week is over and I'm STILL hungry.


Alicia Quarles, NYFW Alicia Quarles

Speaking of hungry, I don't know how Zanna kept up her hectic schedule while carrying twins. She's 8 months pregnant! And soon-to-be wed Kelly Rowland seemed to have caught baby fever during our taping. She gave lots of love to Zanna's tummy.

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Potties Are the Great Equalizer: Whether you're a celeb, a supermodel straight off the runway or a security guard, everyone is forced to do what we do in the port-a-potties at the tents at Lincoln Center; although, I can't see Anna Wintour going in there. Hmm…Maybe she doesn't, or there is some VIP bathroom? I shall investigate next season!

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June Ambrose's Secret to Surviving NYFW: The stylist to the stars has a secret for going non-stop for seven days during Fashion Week. "Wear pieces that translate from day into night!" she says. "It's usually a marathon, and there is never time for a Diana Ross wardrobe change!"

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Wipeouts Galore!: Between the snow, the heels and people running to shows as if their lives depended on it, Lincoln Center became fall central. I'm sure the street photographers can do long montage of all of the spills. I busted my butt a couple of weeks before, so I think the shoe gods gave me a break this week.

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Walking Tips From Models: Karolina Kurkova dished on ways to make the bottoms of your shoes more durable, so that you don't take a spill. And supermodel Valentina taught me another trick after she walked in Ralph Lauren's show: put pasties on the bottom of your heels. They prevent any slipping.

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Inside Dish on Cynthia Rowley's Presentation: Cynthia Rowley, always the risk taker, held her Fall 2014 presentation at The Diamond Horseshoe. It's a legendary venue that was the place to see and be seen back in the day in NYC. It was recently reopened, and has rarely been used since an event was thrown there after Andy Warhol's death.

Cynthia told me she held her first show in her apartment in 1983, and she actually invited Warhol. They didn't know each other, but she figured, what the heck! 

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He didn't end up attending her apartment show, though. So this was a full circle moment for Cynthia's collection to have bloomed all these years later and show at the venue that once celebrated Warhol, but was now celebrating her. To quote Alanis Morissette, "Isn't it ironic...don't you think?" Yes, it is. 

Alicia Quarles, NYFW Alicia Quarles

For more inside scoop on the highs and lows of New York Fashion Week, be sure to watch "Secrets of Fashion Week," airing Friday at at 8PM ET/PT on E! 

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