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Google's Valentine's Day Themed Doodle Is So Adorable You Can Enjoy It Even If You're Sad, Bitter and Alone!

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Google, Valentines Day
Google, Valentines Day Google

"For Valentine's Day, people everywhere search for love, something a search engine might not be the ideal tool for." This is how you are greeted on Google today, as voiced by This American Life's Ira Glass in Google's most adorable Doodle ever: A Valentine's Day collection of animated love stories.

One of Google's Doodlers explained to Buzzfeed, "In our first meeting, Ira slammed his hand on the table and said, ‘Why can't we just celebrate regular people?' We all looked at him like he was insane, because traditionally we only celebrate really famous people and big holidays like Fourth of July and Valentine's Day [in Google Doodles]."

But it wasn't insane: Today's Google Doodle are micro-love stories told my everyday people of all different ages, genders and sexual orientations. And each is paired with an adorable little candy heart cartoon.

Even the most cynical of Valentine's Day haters have to admit this is cute.

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Though we suggest you go and listen on Google, here are the stories, transcribed:

Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google


I'm a senior at Lakeview High School and I had a crush on this one guy for four years. You know, like giving out hints but not really saying anything. Like when you're walking down the hall, trying to touch hands to see if he'll actually grab your hand or something like that. Then, like, this one time I sneezed and he looked at me and he goes, "You know, you have a really cute sneeze." And it's like, "Oh my god! What are you doing to me?!" I was all day on that sneeze comment. I must have told every single one of my friends.

Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google

Mr. Right:

The morning after I got married, I just woke up with this heavy heart and with these huge doubts. Questioning...Embarrassing, right? Like, ‘You're so stupid! You should have thought about it before.' But the heartache was real. All of a sudden, the enormity of it just almost crushed me. So, I just wanted to walk around and clear my head. Saying, ‘What should I do? What should I do? Do I have to tell him that I might have made a mistake?' But that would hurt his feelings and all day long, I just walked and walked. Anyway, finally when it got dark, I came home and my husband was just so worried...I could tell. He said, "Hey baby. I called the police, because I thought you got lost or something happened." Then I thought, well he's a good man. I should try. That was 42 years ago. Since then, I have never questioned. Never.

Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google

First Kiss:

Girl: We had always just been friends. But madly obsessed with each other for years.
Boy: I decided, well, enough of this then. And we just kind of stood and—
Girl: Everything around us just kind of stopped.
Boy: Leaning against our respective cars—
Girl: Nothing moved.
Boy: All the background noise just kind of drops out.
Girl: Like in a movie or in a dream and everything's spinning really quickly and just the one spot where you're standing stays still.

[Interviewer: "So then you kissed her?"]

Boy (laughing): No!
Girl: Nothing happened! He just stood there. The funny thing about the situation is that it wasn't the only time we were destined to have our first kiss and missed it. 

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Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google

4 Ever Yours:

We got married on Saturday, and on Monday, we just went back to our day-to-day lives. And David was getting dressed to go into the office and I was here in the apartment. It was pouring down rain. All of our family and friends were leaving that day and I got very sad and started to cry. I thought, I had been so exhilarated over the weekend. At the age of 45, or however old I was when we got married, it was like a teenage adolescent rush of adrenalineI didn't know that my body was capable of feeling that anymore. But it had been that experience, and then came the crash, thinking, "This will end someday." This will end.

Husband: "I thought, yes, my dear. That's true. One of us will die, then the other will die and it will be over. But, we have now."

Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google

Puppy Luv:

[Interviewer: "Is there anyone you like at the dance?"]
There is.
[Interviewer: "Does she know?"]
Yes, she does.
[Interviewer: "So how's that going?"]
Good, it just started like 20 minutes into this. I was in the cafeteria, just got a drink of root beer. She walks up to me and asks me to go out.
[Interviewer: "What did she say, exactly?"]
She said, ‘Chris, will you go out with me?' 

Girl: "Usually they don't last, it's a middle school relationship. Like, it's a middle school, I mean, this isn't like where you're spending your life with. You don't hear stuff about ‘Middle School Sweethearts.'"

Google Doodle, Valentine's Day Google

Blind Date:

I love to tell my wife how much I still have a crush on her. I met Marika, as a matter of fact, on television. There was a dance show in Atlanta called Atlanta Jams, which is like a teenage type of dance show and you'll see all these fine girls dancing or whatever...But I would tune in every Wednesday and I would see her and think, "Oh. My gosh. This girl is fine as I don't know what!" I was just absolutely captivated and I never believed in love at first sight, I thought it was cheesy. But then a coworker of mine put me up on a blind date. He said his girlfriend had a cousin that he was going to set me up with...Blind dates never work, you hear the horror stories. And the guy says, "Hey Ricardo, meet Marika." And I'm like, "Oh my god, that's that girl."

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