House of Cards, Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey, Barack Obama

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Please, for the sake of the free world, don't you dare spoil House of Cards for President Barack Obama.

Obama, an admitted fan of the hit Emmy-nominated Netflix series, sent out a tweet politely asking his more than 41 million followers not to spoil the new season of House of Cards. Season two of the political thriller kicked off on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 14. All episodes are available for streaming, but something tells us the president won't be able to binge them all over the weekend.

House of Cards executive producer Beau Willimon tells us Obama's tweet was pretty "mind-blowing."

"It's humbling, it's flattering, and I encourage people to follow his advice," Willimon tells E! News. "No spoilers for your friends who didn't get to it the minute it was released."

Gerald McRaney, who plays Raymond Tusk on House of Cards, had an idea for the POTUS.

"Well, I think he ought to do a guest shot. I mean, really, seriously. They can come up with something for him," McRaney said.

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During a recent meeting with technology company CEOs, Obama joked about the series and Kevin Spaceys character Frank Underwood.

"I'm just wondering if [Netflix CEO Reed Hastings] brought advance copies of House of Cards," Obama said. "I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. It's true. It's like Kevin Spacey, man this guy's getting a lot of stuff done."

House of Cards season two is now streaming on Netflix.

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