Save One Show

Fans, it's crunch time.

Save One Show's first round of voting doesn't officially kick off until Monday, but there's already been a major shakeup as Reign, one of the most nominated series early on, received an advanced pickup from the CW, along with The OriginalsSupernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow

But that still leaves dozens of shows with uncertain futures and we're calling on you to help sway the TV Gods in one show's favor. Trust us, you matter! Previous Save One Show campaigns have helped beloved series such as One Tree Hill, Chuck and Angel go on. And after our original call for nominations, fans of The Mindy Project sprung into action, getting #renewmindy to trend in the United States on Twitter. NBD...except it's totally a big deal.


Here's a quick rundown of the rules again: You can nominate the show you want to save in the comments below, in the original nominations post or on Twitter using the #SaveOneShow hashtag. 

Remember, Save One Show is only open to network series as it leads into the Upfront presentations in May, where the five major nets reveal their lineups for next season. 

The first round of voting kicks off on Monday, Feb. 17, with the 20 endangered shows that received the most votes up for consideration.

So wait are you waiting for? Go get your hero on and rescue your favorite series now!

And if you're not sure what the status of your show is, don't worry, we've got you covered. Our extensive gallery below has the details on over 100 shows.

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