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Fashion Insiders: Katie Cassidy's NYFW Diary

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Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger
Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger Katie Cassidy

8:45 AM:
Rise and shine! Because our first show isn't until 1:00 p.m. today, I am using this opportunity to sleep in.
And yes, during Fashion Week staying in bed until 8:45 a.m. constitutes sleeping in. Sad, I know.  Regardless, I am grateful for the extra shut-eye.

9:15 AM:                
Run to Starbucks for a tall Americano before hair and make up.
There is a Starbucks right around the corner from my hotel (I always stay at The Empire—it's so close to Lincoln Center!), which makes frequent coffee runs a possibility. A girl needs her caffeine!

10:00 AM:
Hair and makeup in my hotel room. The process isn't a short one, but I love my hair and makeup team.
Michael Long knows just how to make my hair look all at once done and undone. Trust me, it's a skill!  Meredith Baraf is my makeup artist and really good friend.
Spending my mornings with someone who can both calm me down and make my makeup look SICK is a luxury. I love her!

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Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger Katie Cassidy

12:30 PM:
Rush to get dressed for the Dennis Basso show (they lent me some insane pants to wear.)
Get a call from Lynsey, my business partner for Tomboy KC, that the car to the show is running late which, frankly, is about par for the Fashion Week course.

12:45-1:15 PM:  
We finally find the car and hop in to be transported to the backstage area at Lincoln Center. Lynsey and I are escorted to our seats by the Dennis Basso team and I look to my right to see Olivia Palermo (flawless, of course) chatting it up with Debra Messing.  Everywhere I look, there is someone fabulous (including E!'s own Giuliana Rancic.) It is the most star-studded show I have ever been to.

1:30 PM:       
Dennis Basso runway show begins. The clothing is, honestly, to die for. That said, the whole time I can't help but be a little nervous because our next show is at 2:00 PM across town!
As soon as the show ends we make a break for the front door and run back to the Empire Hotel. The whole time Lynsey is on the phone with the car trying to have him meet us at the hotel, and our assistant asking her to meet us downstairs with the look for the next show. I, on the other hand, am trying not to fall victim to black ice and end up being escorted back to the hotel by a random (and very nice) woman who is afraid for both my life and that of my Louboutins.

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Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger Katie Cassidy

2:00 PM:
We meet up with the car at The Empire and hop in.  After some coordinating and lots of rushed phone calls, we pick up J. Alexander who is riding with us to the Karen Walker show at Pier 59. I change clothes in the car on the way there.  We are already late!

2:20 PM:                
We finally arrive at Karen Walker and run up two flights of stairs and into a room where the lights have already been dimmed and our seats given away. We literally just made it. As we squeeze ourselves into whatever seats are available, the lights go up and the show begins.  Thank goodness. Each season, this is by far my favorite show and, honestly, I might have died if I had missed it. Needless to say, it doesn't disappoint. Once it is over I have a list about a mile long of belts, bags and dresses that I need. Afterwards we head backstage to meet Karen Walker who is busy chatting with the women from her "Advanced Style" campaign. Love.

3:00 PM:
We grab our car, say goodbye to Miss J and head back to The Empire. Our assistant picked up Nobu for lunch and has it waiting in the car so we can finally have something to eat. Which is good, because we are famished. We nosh on sushi (read: shovel into our mouths) all the way back to the hotel.


Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger Katie Cassidy

3:30 PM:                              
Arrive back at the hotel and start packing my bags. Oh, did I fail to mention that I am headed back to Vancouver tonight to shoot for Arrow tomorrow?

4:30 PM:                
Grab a glass of champagne in the hotel bar while I wait for a traveling notary to meet me with documents to sign. Taking care of business from the hotel lobby. This is the real New York Fashion Week people.

6:30 PM:               
Head to dinner at Lavo for a quick bite before heading to the airport. The restaurant isn't too busy considering how early it is for dinner, so we quickly grab a seat and order, eat as fast as we can and start the process of finding an Uber.

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Katie Cassidy, NYFW, Guest Blogger Katie Cassidy

7:30 PM:               
Grab an Uber to the airport for my 9:15 PM flight out of Newark. Cutting it close (let's be honest, I should have left 15 minutes ago), but we make it right on time. No issues. It's a Fashion Week Miracle!

9:15 PM:                
Plane leaves. Until next season NYFW! It's been a whirlwind…

Get more from Katie at her blog TOMBOY KC.

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