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    Fifty Shades of Grey Feud? January Jones Calls Out Movie's Copycat Mad Men Billboard

    January Jones, Mad Men, Fifty Shades Jason Merritt/Getty Images/Instagram

    Is Christian Grey to Seattle what Don Draper is to New York? Oh my--no.

    That said, Mad Men star January Jones Instagrammed a picture of a Fifty Shades of Grey billboard that reminded her a little too much of her own show's 2010 advertising campaign. And unlike Betty Draper Francis who might note the slightly-too-similar images and remain silent, January spoke up!

    "Does this look familiar to anyone else?" the 36-year-old actress wrote of the "Mr. Grey Will See You Now" ad she snapped. She even made it crystal clear what she was referring to, adding the hashtag #madmenpostercicrca2010.

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    And indeed, as you can see, Mad Men's promo image from four years ago also shows a man in a dark suit from behind looking out from his high-rise window at the city surrounding him. The body language is different though (Don just exudes the power, whereas Christian is almost looks like he's trying to be overly cool).

    But there are some parallels between Mr. Draper and Mr. Grey. Both are emotionally unavailable and treat women terribly. Neither has a problem getting these women into bed, though (reminder: IRL, if a guy acts like a jerk, he is a jerk).

    However, Don drinks dark liquor (Christian can have all the white wine), doesn't own a pair of Chuck Taylors (or those jeans, for that matter) and would never, ever, ever sign off with, "Laters, babe."

    (E! and Universal Pictures are both part of the NBCUniversal family.).

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