Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin Trailer


Scarlett Johansson is stripping down for her new movie.

In a recently released trailer for her upcoming flick Under the Skin, the 29-year-old actress shows off her sexy curves while playing a dangerous and seductive alien that preys on hitchhikers using a human body.

The trailer starts out with a celestial image of a planet. A dark-haired Johansson is then seen riding down an escalator, browsing some clothes in a store then putting on makeup in a hand-held mirror while riding in the passenger seat of a car.

Johansson chats with the male driver before she suggests they head back to her place. Back home, she strips down to nothing but a black bra and panties while enticing the man as he wades through a dark liquid.

Among the many other things shown in the dark and semi-confusing trailer are Johansson walking down a windy beach followed by a man standing alone in the snow.

The trailer ends with a person engulfed in flames running through a forest. How's that for drama?

Watch the Under the Skin movie trailer for yourself! The flick comes out Apr. 4.

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