Zdeno Chara

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Well, here's one way to achieve celebrity status in Sochi. 

Slovakian professional hockey player Zdeno Chara just may be the most photographed man at the 2014 Winter Olympics, towering over every athlete with a height of 6-feet, 9-inches, and his stature seems to have turned Chara into the token Olympian whom every other athlete wants a pic with.

A number of fellow competitors, including U.S. skater Ashley Wagner, Japanese ski jumper Atsuko Tanaka, and Canadian skater Kirsten Moore-Towers have taken to Twitter and Instagram to post pics with Chara, who also happens to be the tallest man in the NHL, hilariously towering over the tiny athletes. 

Ashley Wagner Instagram


"Look who infound! This man is a beast! #chara#bruins #geekinout," the 22-year-old star, who recently gave a hilarious reaction to her low score at the figure skating competition, posted on her Instagram page

Sochi Winter Olympics Twitter


"Ran into Zdeno Chara today. Couldn't resist taking a picture :)" the 2011 Canadian national champion adorably tweeted

Sochi Winter Olympics Twitter


"You guys are amazing! I have awesome followers, as promised here is a pic of me with Chara!," the Japanese ski jumping star wrote

On Monday afternoon, the Boston Bruins defenseman reportedly visited the Iceberg Skating Palace to watch short-track speedskating with a few of his teammates, where he was asked about being the most photographed man at Sochi. 

"I don't know," he humbly replied when questioned about being so popular with his fellow Olympians. "If that's the case, I feel very honored."

And the endless requests for photos from althletes doesn't even bother the hockey stud. "Every athlete who is here as an Olympian is a hero to me," he said with admiration for each and every attendee. 

In other news, Chara's sleeping arrangements in Sochi seemingly top any bizarre bathroom sitch (note the bed extension). 

Now, don't you feel better about your communal toilet? 

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