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Someone Is Already in Line for the New iPhone (Which May Not Even Exist)

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Are you anxious to buy the iPhone 6? Well, get in line. No seriously, there's already a line. And this guy is at the very front.

Japanese blogger Yoppi was so excited for the new iPhone that he sat outside an Apple store in the Ginza district of Tokyo to wait in—nay, start the line. If Apple continues with its release schedule, the new iPhone will come out around September, which means Yoppi has a good seven months to wait.

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Oh, and did we mention he dressed up like an iPhone while camped out in front of the Apple store? We didn't mention that? Well, he did.

But this lover of a certain Apple product uses a Dell laptop, as shown in one of his photos on Twitter. That's kind of sending a mixed message, no? Well, maybe he's a secret Windows supporter. Those people exist everywhere. You might even be sitting next to one of them right at this moment.

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There is one little hitch in Yoppi's plan, though. When he asked an Apple store employee when the new iPhone would be released, he was told that there wasn't a release date set. And oh yeah, no one knows if Apple will even release a new iPhone. So Yoppi might have started the line for a device that just will never happen.

But it probably will.

Yoppi eventually packed up his stuff and went home. If and when Apple announces the new iPhone, we're sure he'll be waiting in line outside the store before the company's presentation is even finished.

Kudos to you, Yoppi, for knowing what you want and unabashedly going after it. 

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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