The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galvais, Clare

ABC/Rick Rowell

"There is a difference between being honest and hurting someone's feelings."

The fallout we've been waiting all week to witness finally went down on The Bachelor, when Clare confronted Juan Pablo Galavis about calling their ocean makeout "a mistake" in last week's emotional episode. Would she leave the competition? Would they kiss and makeup?

But Juan Pablo and Clare's highly anticipated talk wasn't the only highlight from the Feb. 10 episode, which the ABC reality hit traveling to New Zealand, where one gal geeked out over Lord of the Rings, while another got hot and heavy with the Venezuelan Bach and another was sent home...on her birthday.

OMG Moment: It was the conversation we'd been looking forward to seeing play out all week...and it was kind of a letdown, no? Basically, he apologized ("I don't want you to feel bad...I don't want you to cry because of me."), she accepted, then they wore sweatpants and drank wine. So basically they acted like an actual couple. Huh. 

Downer: While Andi had been our frontrunner, we're dubious after watching their date, considering they don't really connect in any real way, aside from, um, physically. (Our new frontrunner? Nikki the nurse FTW!)

But Juan Pablo and Andi's "bursting" (Andi's word, not ours) chemistry on their date does lead us to...

Hypocritical Moment: So, let's see if we've got this straight. JP felt like he tarnished his chances at winning Dad of the Year with his steamy night swim with Clare, but groping Andi in a waterfall is totally OK? Oh, cool. Just checkin'...

Nerd Points: Clearly, Sharleen is super not into Juan Pabs. We've been saying this for weeks, but the disinterested opera singer definitely won some points with us after totally geeking out when the group goes to Hobbiton, where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed.

Still, we think it's time for her to go, especially when she admitted, "To be honest, I can see other girls here suiting him better. I don't want to hurt Juan Pablo." So then leave before he falls for you even more maybe? Just a suggestion.

Elimination: After weeks of multiples eliminations, we are finally down to Juan Pabs sending just one lady home sans rose per episode. Tonight's ouster? Kat. (Who? Exactly.) Well, at least she gave it her best, breaking out her journal and telling Juan Pablo about her daddy issues before being sent home. Don't let the limo door hit ya where the good lord split ya, girl! Oh, and he also sent Cassandra, the 22-year-old single mom, home earlier in the episode, basically telling her it wasn't fair to keep her away from her son when he wasn't super into it. Did we mention he sent her home on her birthday? Ouch.

Line of the Night: Sharleen's awkward "Yes, sir" answer to Juan Pablo's rose offerings slays us every single time.

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