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7 Reasons We Won't Miss Flappy Bird (Now That the Game Has Been Removed From the App Store)

Flappy Bird .GEARS

Bye, Flappy Bird! Don't let the pipe hit you in the ass on the way out!

The iPhone game—which dethroned Candy Crush as both the No. 1 free app and the most frustratingly addictive game EVER—has officially been removed from the app store, as of yesterday at noon.

Vietnam-based developer Nguyen Ha Dong, 29, broke the news on Twitter:

Flappy Bird has reportedly earning some $50K per day in ad revenue (according to The Verge) and, strangely, right before it was removed an update was released (boasting "new birds" and "bug" fixes.) Now, Flappy Bird's existence has even been removed from Ha Dong's website

If you already have Flappy Bird downloaded on your phone, you can still play. But maybe it's time we all just deleted the app and let it die in peace—the peace that it was never kind enough to give us.

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Here are seven reasons we are not sad to see Flappy Bird go:

1. Because Sometimes You Just Die: That's how hard this game is.

Flappy Bird .GEARS

How do you die before you even start playing. Score: 0? How is that fair?!

2. Because Sometimes You Die Hitting the First Pipe: Which is basically the same as dying before you even started playing. Yeah, you just start over and can try again, but dang, can't we at least GET TWO POINTS before dying? This is not good for our self-confidence.

Flappy Bird .GEARS

3. Because Sometimes You Die and Are Positive You Didn't Hit a Pipe: OK, maybe we really are just bad at Flappy Bird, but we swear sometimes the game would say we hit a pipe that we SO CLEARLY did not.

Flappy Bird .GEARS

We're calling Flappy Bird conspiracy theory on this one. #grassyknoll

4. Because We're Pretty Sure the Pipes Are Too Close Together: We're willing to concede that we hit a lot of pipes, but sometimes we'll be tapping through and no matter how hard or soft we tap, we hit a pipe. What the F--K are we supposed to do there?!

Flappy Bird .GEARS

5. Because Sometimes a GIANT AD Blocks Your View of the Pipes: Get outta here, capitalism.

Flappy Bird .GEARS

6. Because Eventually You're Going to Look at the Scoreboard and See That Your High Score Is 3:

Flappy Bird .GEARS

...and one of your friends has 82. WTF HOW?!

7. Because This Game Is F--king Impossible:

Flappy Bird .GEARS

This game is impossible, it's impossible to win, it's impossible not to become FURIOUS when you lose and if you've figured out a way to win at Flappy Bird, you're either a wizard or you're cheating.

Hate you. Hate Flappy Bird. Hate iPhones all together. UGH.

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