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Donna Karan Casts Real New Yorkers Instead of Runway Models for Fashion Week Show—Watch the Video!

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Leave it to Donna Karan to change the game at New York Fashion week this season. 

The iconic designer presented an exhilarating runway show featuring real New Yorkers (as opposed to typical runway models) strutting down the catwalk in her clothes for a refreshing spin on the stylish event.

E! News' Alicia Quarles caught up with Karan after the show to get the scoop on the inspiration for this eclectic twist to traditional casting.

She explained that her concept this year was about the Big Apple, above all else.

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"It wasn't about me, it's about a celebration of what I love…the buildings in New York, the people in New York, the energy of New York…there's no other place like it in the world!" she smiled.

"That's what we tried to put across on the runway…to celebrate the people of New York. And the casting was brilliant!"

So brilliant, that Donna admitted she had to think outside the box for the whole show just to work around them.

"You almost didn't want to design clothes.  It almost got to the point where they intimidated me! It was like, ‘How can I make them better than they look?' They were real people!" she laughed.

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And finally, she couldn't sing enough praises for her current muse and face of her 2014 campaign, Rita Ora.

"Rita Ora was my inspiration. The minute I saw Rita, she took on New York. She's a powerhouse of New York," she explained. "She's not your typical perfect model-type. She had energy!"

And she's not the only one!

Donna, you knocked it out of the park this year! 

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