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    Beyoncé and President Obama Are Having an Affair?! European Media Thinks So

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    Obama, Beyonce
    Obama, Beyonce Rob Carr/Getty Images

    Sacre bleu!

    French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that Beyoncé and President Barack Obama are carrying out a love affair. Yes, you read that correctly.

    Pascal Rostain, a French photographer, told the publication that "there is something big that is happening" between the two.

    "I can assure you that the world will talk about it," he added.

    Gala, which is basically like the People magazine of France, is also reporting that the President of the United States and Michelle Obama are headed for a divorce.

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    No details have been released as to exactly what kind of information the magazine has to support the outlandish theory, but we'll find out tomorrow.

    And while the news is heating up in Europe, it seems as though The Washington Post is going to jump on board with their version of the story.

    Kris Coratti, a spokesperson for the paper, says that rumors of a romantic tryst between Bey and Barack are "definitely not true" and that they're planning on running a rebuttal to the speculation.

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    Things may get a little awkward in the Oval Office this week, as French President François Hollande is scheduled to meet with Obama in just a few days' time.

    And speaking of awkward, it turns out that Hollande is currently making headlines for allegedly leaving his girlfriend of seven years for French actress Julie Gayet.

    Good times.

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