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    Kanye West Begins Planning Kim Kardashian's Magical Engagement—Get the Full KUWTK Recap!

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    Kim Kardashian may not want to be called a princess.

    But on Sunday's all-new Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the new mom was living life a little too much to the fullest at Kris Jenner's house.

    In between caring for her beautiful baby girl, North West, the future Mrs. Kanye West started to rub some of her family members the wrong way.

    "I love that Kim and Kanye are living at the house with the baby," a usually happy Kris says. "But I don't think it's my house anymore. "

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    KUWTK 904 Recap

    Between Kim taking over the garage, office and bathrooms, Kris doesn't know where to turn.

    "I'm feeling a little overwhelmed," she explains to Kendall Jenner. "I can't even find a place to have a little privacy. I'm having a little anxiety attack." It's so bad that Kris doesn't even know what she can eat in the kitchen cabinets.

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    After getting a tour of Kimye's new place and finding out the house won't be done for months, the momager decides to set some ground rules in her own special way.

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    Kris begins hopping, dancing and talking loud and proud as Kim takes a business call.

    Annoyed at her mom's disruptive behavior, Kim threatens to move out with Kanye if they're not welcome. Luckily, the mother-daughter duo agrees that they just need to communicate a little more.

    KUWTK 904 Recap
    KUWTK 904 Recap

    While Kris solves her issues with Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian are now annoyed at her constant criticism.

    "Kim has just been a little annoying. Maybe she's going a little stir crazy or she's hormonal," Kourtney explains. "I don't know what's going on but she's just picking on everything."

    From Kourtney's wallpaper and home décor to her fashion choices and eyebrows, Kim always has something critical to say. When Kourt trims her eyebrows, however, Kim does give her a compliment.

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    KUWTK 904 Recap

    To get her back, Khloé and Kourtney create a plan to talk about their sister using the name "Fancy Nancy."

    While looking at baby clothes with Kim, the sisters talk about this new friend who also doesn't have anything nice to say. Clever, right?

    KUWTK 904 Recap
    KUWTK 904 Recap

    "If she's gonna mess with us, we're going to mess with her back," Kourtney says.

    They continue to talk about Fancy Nancy during a costume party where Khloé dresses as a disco diva, Kendall as Disney's Tinker Bell and Kourtney as "Cheese ball circa 2003." Yah, we're not sure what that means either.

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    Kim eventually catches on that they're actually gossiping about her.

    "If everyone had a problem with how I was acting, they could have just talked to me about it," Kim explains. "It hurts my feelings." We're sorry Nancy, we mean Kim!

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    Kim will soon learn she has little to be upset about.

    Kris receives a call from Anthony, a family friend, who has a special announcement. Kanye wants to throw a massive black-tie surprise party in San Francisco for Kim's birthday.

    "I wasn't born yesterday and I know there's a lot more to this story than they're telling me," Kris says. She calls Khloé who calls Kourtney who begins calling Kim's BFFs.

    KUWTK 904 Recap

    While Kourtney invites close friends, Kim unexpectedly walks in.

    "What are you guys talking about?" she asks. Just wait, Kim. Just wait!

    Watch Part 2 of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians engagement event this Sunday at 9/8c only on E!

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