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Kathy Hilton

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

New York Fashion Week is here—and that means the chicest names are taking in shows, hitting up the coolest parties and of course, strutting their stuff in some of the fiercest street style around. But packing for such a fashionable trip is an event on its own. We spoke with Kathy Hilton during Couture Week about how she prepares (and packs!) when traveling to fashion week, plus the famous mama shared some of her snaps between shows in Paris.

Do you have any go-to packing tips for fashion week?
I think it's important to layer and to wear. And always bring a dressy dress—you never know where you're going to be. I always like to be prepared yet I like to be able to switch my pants up. I love bringing capris and then ones where I can wear my really high, high shoes.

How do you decide what shoes to bring?
I usually bring more shoes than outfits and I carry on with me my shoes, my handbags and my jewelry. And always bring a little outfit just in case because I've lost luggage three or four times when it's the worst timing possible. Like going straight to a wedding and I was in flats, because I travel really comfortable.

Kathy Hilton

Courtesy of Kathy Hilton

How do you organize your packing?
What I do is, especially if I'm going two places, I will put what I think I'm going to wear the first day or two, so I kind of know what I'm going to be doing and I do it like that. If it's a something very, very special like a dress that's going to get all crushed and wrinkled I will put it on top and everything's wrapped in tissue so you do not have to have it pressed and all that. So I always try to put everything in tissue and you would never know it looks like it's been on a hanger.

As far as makeup, do you carry that? Obviously you're going to a ton of shows, do you carry your favorites or how do you kind of keep your bag light?
I always have to have lip gloss a little powder. I'm not a powder person, but you start getting really hot at these shows with all the bright lights so you start perspiring and your face is like, "Ah!" And also mints, I carry mints, because you're going to be sitting really close to people talking and then also after the show and you just want to make sure that you're fresh.

Sometimes people wear their sunglasses inside of the shows, do you usually carry a classic pair or do you change them for your outfit?
I'll be honest with you, I don't care how bright it is, I think the only person who can get away with that is Anna Wintour.

Kathy Hilton

Courtesy of Kathy Hilton

How do you dress while traveling?
I try to do something where I can wear a sock because I'm a germ freak and I just go crazy when you have to take your shoes off to walk through, so if it's a shoe that doesn't require socks I will carry socks with me. I don't dress fancy but I'm comfortable for the flight and I really try to make it easy and comfy because I like to relax on a plane.

Do you bring a blanket or anything like that?
Everyone in my family except for my husband brings a blanket or a pillow. Paris always has got hers and Nicky, not so much the boys.