David Beckham

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David Beckham is back in the game.

After months of build-up, the British football stud turned U.S. soccer savior announced today that he is going to be investing in a new Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, which has been without a pro team since the Flame disbanded in 2001.

"I wanted to create a team that we can start from scratch," Beckham, looking dapper in a gray suit and tie, told reporters at a press conference this morning. "I know that there was a team here 10 years ago, and unfortunately they folded. But I think, going forward, I wanted to create a team that could be very personal.

"Everything I've done throughout my career has been very personal to me."

Beckham won six England's Premier Leage titles with storied Manchester United, where he spent most of his playing career, and then played four seasons with Real Madrid, winning a La Liga championship in his final season. In 2007 he signed a massive five-year deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, where he won two MLS titles. 

He retired in May 2013 after playing a season with Paris Saint-Germain.

Miami's incoming MLS team will be the league's 22nd active franchise.

David Beckham

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"The decisions that I've made are all very personal,"the famed athlete and underwear model continued. "And like this one, it's a big decision, but it's a very personal one. I want to make it my own team."

May we suggest for a team name the Miami Posh?

Beckham was also among the celebs watching the Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium on Sunday—but like none of them, he also memorably stripped to his snug boxer briefs (and then some) during a commercial for his H&M underwear line.

Asked by a reporter "why Miami?" Beckham replied, smiling, "Why not?"

"But seriously," he added, "I wanted to create a team from scratch. I want everything to be top-notch, from the players to the coaches to the background staff."

And he doesn't predict having any trouble forming a team of the best and the brightest down south.

"Who wouldn't want to play in Miami, live in Miami?" Beckham said. "I'm getting messages saying, ‘When's it happening? When can we get there?' I know this city is ready for football."

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